Healthy parenting involves active participation of both mom and dad in a child's life.  We know the role of moms in the family but dads have the great role, too!  Traditionally speaking the dad assumes that role of a provider for his family but I know that this may not true to many families.  With that being said, dads are not merely breadwinners, they can also be caring, loving and nurturing as well.  So why do they matter?



                    A dad provides security to the family. By God's standards, anyone who is a good dad should be a good husband first.  Just like the quote says, "The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother."--Theodore Hesburgh.  Being a great dad is affected with his relationship with the child's mom.  Children can pick up daily expressions of affection or hate. When there's love and unity, it creates a secure atmosphere at home.



                    A dad provides guidance in exploring new things and teaches them to appreciate and value everything they have.   Children needs outdoor adventure, like fishing, camping, stargazing, hiking, etc.  To give them the skills to think for themselves and self-confidence when they’re out and about on their own. To be able to deal with risks and uncertainties of the world.



                    A dad provides opportunities to teach and to be a good example for children to look up to.  He brings up children that will love God, to spur them to willingly submit their life to Him in order to be able lead their own spiritual homes. Also teaching them to have a healthier style by staying active and eating right.





                    Dads may not have thousand of words or engage in long chats but they can show affection, their love is as important as that from a mom.  Recognizing dad encourages dads to be more involve in their children. Happy Father's Day to daddies out there!




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  • Dads are very important ! Happy Father’s Day! Great post!

  • How cute is this article! And your pictures are lovely ❤️ Happy Father’s Day to all the papas out there ☺️✌?

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