Do you have a muffin top or back fat? Are you conscious about them?  Well, you're not alone, I have them, too! And this is not about body shaming but I would like to share few tips that may help you look slimmer.


Tip #1.  Avoid separates, wear a dress.  Avoid tight knit, stick to sheet or structured A-line dress.  You can also wear dresses with V-neck, high waisted or empire cut.  Choose floral print, paisley or swirling pattern to hide the jiggles.


Dress: Target


Dress: The Blissful Trenders


Tip #2.  Add layering to hide the visible love handles, such as cardigan, jacket or a vest.  Collect them in various colours, styles and fabrics.


Vest: Amazon



 Cardigan: Lularoe



Bolero: New York and Co.


Tip #3.  If you must wear separates, wear silky blouse so it will not cling or stick on your skin and slide smoothly over curves.  You can also try ruched top, a crisp tunic, a blouson or a dolman top.


Top: Shein, Skirt: Project Mini


Tip #4.  Don't slouch or sit in a C-position because it presses on the mid section and becomes more obvious.


Top: Shein, Skirt: Project Mini



Top: Mercado Latino, Pants: Charlotte Russe



Tip #5.  Instead of tees wear a shirt open over a tank or try not to squeeze into clothes that fit exactly right instead go up a size, little looser makes a difference.


Sleeveless Shirt Dress: Target


Jumpsuit: Fashion Q



Tip #6.  Consider contouring bodysuits to control those unwated curves.


Thanks for reading! Love, Jezreel


  • This was such a great post and very helpful! Thank you for sharing these great tips and you are looking beautiful in all the photos

    Sarah Pandey
  • Great article, that’s cool you share that kind of tips! Plus I love the looks ?

  • Love this article! Especially this cute romper you are wearing on last picture fits you the best!

  • Thank you for this post! Very helpful!


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