It's been awhile since I've featured another mom on our blog, after changing our business name and updating our new website, being a working mom and managing online boutique, I think I'm finally caught up (I hope!). It's sad that I have to let go of the blogs I've already done, but I will be featuring them again on my future posts.
          This lovely woman, our Mom of the Month, is Darla, she is a mom to two grown kids.  A girl and a boy, and a Grandma (Grammy) to 3 soon to be 4 grandkids. She is also a wife and an Artist. 
          According to her, "The best and favorite thing I've done or created are my sweet, sweet children. Being a mom has not only been the best job I've ever had. It's been the most rewarding and the hardest thing I've ever done. Seriously the hardest struggle for me has been them growing up. Of course that's what you want your children to do, is grow up and become good productive adults. Which they have, but I will forever miss my sweet little babies and kiddos."
            Based from her experiences as a mom, she'd like to share few tips:
          "Moms to little kids, enjoy it. The years really do go as fast or faster as everyone says. Even the hard, not so fun, nerve racking times will be missed. And to enjoy the simple things. Trips to the park, dinner table shenanigans, bedtime prayers and stories. Wear those silly little handmade, dollar store gifts. (I still have a few 😉). And those sweet hugs and kisses."
          "My kids are grown having kiddos of their own. But when I look at them sometimes I still see the sweet funny Barbie loving, hair styling, neighborhood performing little girl. Barney loving, flower picking, not afraid to hold his moms hand in front of his friends little boy. They truly are the best thing I've ever done."
          Now her children are grown, she gets to play with the sweetest 3 little kids (and Get more sleep 😉) and enjoy watching the great mom her daughter has become!  She is very happy and blessed!
And below are few of her arts:
          Darla, being an artist, has a "Paint Party" business called PAINT WITH DARLA, if you haven't seen these cute door hangers that everyone has been obsessed about, you must check it out and follow her account @paintwithdarla in Instagram! I had been to several of her paint parties and trust me, they are VERY addictive!  A few more parties and I think I have door hangers for each month!  She has so many to choose from for every occassion/holidays.  You can also purchased these finished products, if you're looking to gift it to someone!

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