Have you ever thought of trashing your wedding dress after your big day?  Traditionally, most bride would preserve it , have it dry cleaned, put it in a box and treasure it for the rest of their married life and if preserved well enough, some would wear it again on their anniversary or "hand-me-down" it to their daughter.  It's a scary thought for other brides to ruin and demolish the dress after investing so much money on it.  Most people will think this is insane, cold-hearted or wasteful.

          Trash the dress is a style of wedding photography that usually taken outdoors such as at the beach, farm or street but in a fashionable way.   For extreme trashing, some brides will burn or swim with it, crawl in the mud or pour some dyed water.  It became popular courtesy of Las Vegas photographer John Michael Cooper in 2001.

          Trashing the dress can either be elegant or extreme.  Few reasons of trashing: to put more mileage on the dress after huge financial investment, because it wasn't worn long enough, but I don't believe ruining it would be a good idea.  Another reason, after the wedding it didn't turn out to be happy ending after all so trashing the dress is the best way to show rebellion.  Another one is, the bride is just rich and playful and that trashing it is just fun.  Lastly, trashing it in a creative and fashionable way is another way to celebrate the happily ever after.  At the end of the day, it's really up to the bride to choose whether the shoot is constructive or destructive.  Is it really fair to take it on the dress?

          When I decided to trash my dress, I wanted to be creative not demolish the dress.  Not because I was rich or wasteful (coz I'm not!).  I'm sharing some pictures taken several months after I had my big wedding (2 years after the original wedding day-yes! I married my husband twice, lol!).  And I had the pleasure to share this moment with these ladies who also got married or celebrating the same year.  My dress got wet, muddy and few sea weeds but still intact! I guess I didn't really trash the dress.





























Photographed by: Cruzmotivisions Photography 

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